• The people must lead...
    ...politicians must follow

  • True democracy is measured by...
    ...the degree of citizens' involvement

A 2020 Vision of Parliament

We seek a Parliament truly of the people, by the people with MPs representing the consensus will of their constituents.

Parliamentary politics affects all our lives and countless other lives globally. Yet UK public opinion suggests that trust in Westminster politics is at an historic low in 2014. Citizens must now take the lead to upgrade and update Parliament. A vision of excellence achievable if we build a world-class, democratic and political system of high standards with all MPs working selflessly for the common good. For a true democracy *"the people must lead and the politicians must follow" (*Kofi Annan – Jan 2013)

The time for change is long overdue:

The Westminster establishment in many ways is yet to get their ‘own house in order’. We therefore need the people to evolve a Parliamentary democracy restructured on a foundation of world-class standards. Strengthened with MPs originating from all sectors of society and fully engaged with their electorate delivering consensus policies.