Investors in Democracy

The Foundation for this initiative is based on a proposed UK/international standard for political office/democratic representation – the Investor In Democracy (IID) standard.

The Proposed IID Standard and support structure consists of:

  1. Six overarching key principles for achieving world-class democratic service. Download doc
  2. IID political ethos/purpose defined to the electorate. Download doc
  3. IID Development Proposals to be discussed and developed further with stakeholders. Download doc
  4. A 12 point code of conduct/pledge to the electorate to be endorsed by the prospective or serving politician. Download doc
  5. A national register of those prospective or elected politicians who have endorsed the IID standard or code of conduct pledge of service to the electorate. Download doc
  6. Links to a proposed resource institute (IIPADE)* for developing high standards of public service for serving politicians, or individuals or groups who wish to enter public service for common good reasons. *(International Institute Of Political And Democratic Excellence). Download doc